Success Stories

Ms. Mattie W. was admitted to Lexington Place Nursing and Rehabilitation following a hospital stay here in Nacogdoches. Upon admission, she was evaluated for occupational and physical therapy secondary to a decline in ADL/IDALs and functional mobility.

Prior to her participation in therapy, Ms. Mattie W. had poor standing tolerance, shortness of breath, gait instability, fair ADL participation, and fair lower extremity strength. After receiving therapy from Lexington Place, she was modified independent in her ADLs, she was able to walk 65 feet with good standing tolerance, had improved upper and lower body strength, and was successfully discharged home!

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lexplace_mrsnorrisI have been to many facilities and this one was and is by far the best!!! Pictured here with our Therapy Team!

– Mrs. N.







Mrs. D.Mrs. D. had a passion for taking care of others until February 2015. Then she started having physical problems causing her to have falls. After a brief stay in the hospital, she came to Lexington Place for physical therapy.

She thanks the nursing staff, CNAs, housekeeping and dietary for tending to her needs. She especially thanks our Rehabilitation team for getting her stronger and ready to go back home.

She is excited about going back to her home and being able to care for herself and her dogs.

Mrs. D. looks forward to coming back to visit the staff and the many friends she made during her brief stay at Lexington Place.

– Resident

PictureLexington Place – next to place like home. I’m Pat B. and I want to share with you some great things I’ve found out about Lexington Place.

I came here for rehab. A friend of mine told me one day that my parking was bad and that the police would give me a “DWI” on my parking. I laughed and told her – just wait til you see me walk, then I’d get a “DWI” for sure!

Anyway I had a lot of pain and had a few falls that called for a hospital stay. I needed to get my muscles stronger again and was told Lexington Place had the best wound care nurse which I needed because of my falls. They were right, she is great!

The therapist are very good, kind and gentle also. Their main goal is to help you to get your body strong again. They really are loving and sensitive to your pain problems.

They have become family to me. If I ever have to go somewhere for rehab, it will be Lexington Place, where you can see and feel the love and care for all clients.

We were able to have Bible study and were free to talk and sing songs of praise.

The food is great and you can ask for more and served with a smile! The nurses are tops; they listen to you and help you with your problems.

I look forward to coming back and doing Bible Study with their residents after I get home and improve!

– Pat B.

Mrs. B. came to Lexington Place after having many falls at home requiring a hospital stay and not having the strength to go back home. She was with us for a total of three weeks in which she reached her optimum therapy level by gaining her upper body strength and regaining her balance. While staying with us she became more confident and was able to go home and continue living independently.

– Mrs. B.

Mrs. H. came to Lexington Place after a repeated hospital stay from complications from a back surgery. While here, Mrs. H had received 20 days of IV antibiotics along with wound care and physical therapy. When asking her about her stay here, she said she enjoyed visiting and praying with the residents that were physically in worse shape than she.

When asking her about going home she said she is ready to go home and prepare for the birth of her first grandchild.

– Mrs. H.